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Trevor Reith: Change The World

​Trevor talks about how God is looking for people to change the world... and we are it. We don't need to be the smartest or strongest, for God ...

Vinny Hubbard: Follow

​Vinny talks about the difference between a Pharisee and a disciple. The Pharisees cared too much about their status and position of power. Jesus ...

Noel Bowker: Weariness

​Noel talks about how God didn't create us to be weary but wants us to find peace in his presence. We can rest easy in the knowledge that God has ...

Trevor Reith: Fear

​Trevor talks about the most talked about thing in the bible, Fear. Fear can restrict and control you. Don't let fear control you. Face your fear.

Trevor Reith: Unity

​Trevor talks about being united in the church, a body working together as one.

Trevor Reith: Acts Conference

​Trevor talks about their time up at the Acts Church Annual National Conference and the interesting things they took away from it.

Trevor Reith: Scars

​Trevor talks about how our scars can tell a story and be a testimony of what has happened in our lives. Don't think negatively about the scars you ...

Trevor Reith: A Fathers Love

​Trevor talks about being a good father through investing in a child's life with your time, knowledge, encouragement, grace and love. Children want ...

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