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Trevor Reith: ​Relationship With God

​Trevor talks about why we were created, to have a relationship with God. As the bride of Christ we need to revive our passion for Him, making an ...

Kim Tere: Pursuing Visions

​Kim shares testimonies of people that are overcoming their limitations and pursuing the visions that God has given them.

Trevor Reith: Vision

​Trevor talks about getting a vision and direction for this year and the future. Where are we going? Don't miss what God has for us in 2018.

Anne Thorn: Nepal

​Anna talks about her trip to Nepal.

Trevor Reith: Water

​Trevor talks about how, like water, we need a constant amount of God to stay sharp and healthy. Don't get dehydrated, daily drink of God and His ...

Trevor Reith: Change The World

​Trevor talks about how God is looking for people to change the world... and we are it. We don't need to be the smartest or strongest, for God ...

Vinny Hubbard: Follow

​Vinny talks about the difference between a Pharisee and a disciple. The Pharisees cared too much about their status and position of power. Jesus ...

Noel Bowker: Weariness

​Noel talks about how God didn't create us to be weary but wants us to find peace in his presence. We can rest easy in the knowledge that God has ...

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