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Philip James: Lets Put Feet To It

Philip James: Lets Put Feet To It

Phil delivers a great message about the process we go through to see prophesy fulfilled.

Main Points
  • We need to understand the process
  • We often misunderstand the interpretation of the prophesy.
  • We are put off pressing in by discouragement, offence, and hurt
  • The circumstances of life distract us.
  • We can be affected by others opinions.
  • Fear of stepping into the unknown can deter us.

All these points are illustrated by scriptural examples and testimony from his own experiences. He gives an outline of the practical things that we are planning - to see Westside accomplish their God given vision for the Nawton area.

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Bible References

1 Samuel 16:7,13
Isaiah 58:6-9
Mark 1:35
Nehemiah 3:1,3